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Fabric marker t-shirts

Fabric marker t-shirt

This activity happened by accident. I was inspired by Tiny Happy’s single-colour painted t-shirts, but when it came to the crunch I thought that Beetle could do the drawing first with a fabric marker, and then we could paint in a few bits and pieces.

I slid the shirt over a bit of cardboard and used a few bits of sticky tape to hold the fabric taut, then handed it over to Beetle with a fat black fabric marker.

Beetle has been doing very detailed pictures recently, with lots of funny little features in them, and she got right into decorating the shirt.

So when she had finally finished the art work (complete with signature in the corner) I decided it didn’t need painting in at all, and was rather striking in just the black ink.  It set in 24 hours too, so we were ready to roll without even ironing it. Sweet as.

This is a good activity for doing towards the end of summer (or winter) when your kids’ plain tshirts start to get a few stains and be a bit worse for wear!  I even had Beetle decorate one for Billie as well.


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