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We went out this afternoon for an iceblock, a play and an explore at the Stredwick Reserve in Torbay, up behind the Titoki Montessori Preschool at 70 Stredwick Drive

The girls played on the reserve playground, which was a bit challenging for Billie (especially since the swings had all been removed when we visited) but Beetle had a great time climbing on the chain climbing-net thing and trying out the flying fox.  She has really blossomed in her physical courage and ability recently.

We followed the concrete path beside the preschool’s (fenced off) playground and switched to a gravel path a bit further along, to stroll through some reasonable bush and beside the stormwater collection pond, where we were mobbed greeted by some very enthusiastic ducks.  Note: bring food for ducks next time.  The pond is stocked with grass carp, not that we saw them.

With a few trit-trot-trit-trot bridges to cross, and toddler-accessible terrain, this is a not-terribly-exciting walk through not-that-fabulous bush, but a quick one, good enough for small ones who want a new place to explore, particularly one with a playground attached and just down the road from the Stredwick Dairy. There are no steps, so a stroller would be fine.


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Littlest Hutch Dresser

Littlest hutch dresser

My heart has longed for a play kitchen like Soulemama’s for a long time, so I was very enthusiastic when I spotted this little wee hutch dresser on Trademe.  Even better, it came with all the carefully collected vintage cookware from its previous life – lovely little saucepans, tiny enameled baking dishes, wooden spoons and a wee teapot.  I was very happy to bring it home.

Beetle has been busy cooking from a colourful recipe book Mum found for me at the opshop:

Amazing Magical Jello Brand Desserts from 1977 – promising “72 GELATIN AND PUDDING RECIPES YOUR KIDS WILL ENJOY, plus MagicTricks by Marvello the Great”

The graphic design is magnificent, but Beetle is a literal sort of a girl and struggles with “cooking” recipes that she doesn’t have the “ingredients” for.  She was probably happier when she was mixing the dry ingredients (dolly was mixing the wet) for her carrot pixie buns, without the book.

(in one of those synchronicity-of-the-universe moments, we discovered pixie buns when we saw the trays for sale at a kitchenware shop at Thames on holiday last week, then found a tray amongst the lovely bits and pieces with the shelf)

1977's best Jello-Brand Recipe Book!

Here she is studying the recipes for Ambrosia Pudding and Sunny Whip.

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